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who are we?

At Pinnacle Digital Academy, we believe the key to entrepreneurial success is lifelong learning and evolving. Through Virtual Coaching, Digital Resources and other tools, we help provide Women Entrepreneurs with essential knowledge and skills needed to start and grow their businesses. They are also better able to identify and seize opportunities.

We’ve devised a unique way of coaching that is entirely virtual so customers can go at their own pace. Once answers to our intake questions are received and we decide to work together, the customer is assigned a client portal where we can correspond and communicate by chat. We then perform a thorough analysis of their business in the area(s) of interest indicated on the intake form. A customized video and pdf are sent to the customer detailing our findings and a suggested plan of action with tools for implementation as needed. If there are any questions, we are available by chat and there is record of our conversations for future
reference unlike phone conversations.

On our website, there is a growing library of beneficial E-Books designed with the busy woman entrepreneur in mind. These E-Books contain information that is straight-to-the-point, easy to understand and easy to implement. Informative blog posts are available as well. We want every woman entrepreneur to be able to confidently sit at any table and hold her own. Our goal is their success.

There is also merchandise available from our “No More Movement” that represent a commitment to change ideologies that have held us back as women and to improve mindsets through positive affirmations. Daily affirmation posts can be found on our Instagram.



A social media plan is the blueprint for what you want to achieve on social media and how it fits in with your overall marketing strategy.

Checking out a competitor’s social media and website on your own is a good way to see what they are up to, but a thorough analysis of your competition will help you gain insight into their products, sales and marketing tactics.

Your customers should feel valued the moment they contact your business and throughout the business relationship. Bad customer service is one of my pet peeves and should be yours as well.

no more


Affirmation MOVEMENT

Affirm yourself and inspire others without saying a word.

“No More" represents change, a turning point where you make a commitment to do things differently. Lasting change is a gradual process that starts with reprogramming your mind.

It has been proven that positive affirmations are effective in reversing negative thinking. Our movement, promotes consistent use of positive affirmations to reduce your negative thoughts and elevate your confidence.