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who are we?

Pinnacle Digital Academy is a Women Entrepreneur focused business specializing in Performance & Success solutions.

We help Entrepreneurs improve their performance by offering Virtual Coaching and Digital Resources that are informative, straight-to-the-point and affordable.

no more


Affirmation MOVEMENT

Affirm yourself and inspire others without saying a word.

“No More" represents change, a turning point where you make a commitment to do things differently. Lasting change is a gradual process that starts with reprogramming your mind.

It has been proven that positive affirmations are effective in reversing negative thinking. Our movement, promotes consistent use of positive affirmations to reduce your negative thoughts and elevate your confidence.


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"Thank you so much for our coaching session last week! You put so many things into perspective for me and helped find my missing pieces. The information you sent me after our call were things I can implement today. I appreciate your time & expertise!"

(Ponder & Plan Coaching Package)

nu look by lex
Alexys Pelissier - Nu Look By Lex

“Pinnacle does a brilliant job at simplifying the complex and scary idea of entrepreneurship outsourcing! Their book is extremely concise, easy to read/follow, and above all else very interesting! If you are someone willing to bet on yourself, but don’t know where to begin, then this book definitely for you! They map out the importance of outsourcing and why entrepreneurs of all levels should utilize this important business tactic!” 

(Resourceful Outsourcing E-book Guide)

T. Berhe