A Memorable Customer Experience

A memorable customer experience is vital to the success of your business because the happier customers are, the more likely they will become loyal, repeat buyers who can help boost your profits.  That’s why every aspect of the customer journey is important. Each click on your website, satisfied purchase and pleasant customer service interaction affect the perception of your business, brand, and products or services in the minds of your customer.


Customer Experience could be what differentiates you from your competitors. With the popularity of entrepreneurship, there has to be something to make you stand out. In recent years, successful businesses have become more customer-focused. They realize customers have the power to determine whether or not a business succeeds. With help from the internet, savvy customers educate themselves on products or services and compare options before making a purchase. In some cases, it is obvious that several businesses use the same suppliers. The brands are different but the products are very similar. That’s why it’s so important to provide a memorable customer experience and make them want to continue doing business with you. These customers are beneficial to building your brand awareness.


Word-of-Mouth Marketing

It has been said that word-of mouth marketing is the best form of advertising. A loyal customer who promotes your business and advocates for your brand and product or service is more effective than any paid advertisement. Since they are not being paid, there is no reason for them to lie. So, whether it’s through conversations with friends and family, positive reviews or plugs on social media, potential customers are more apt to become buyers because they believe what is said.


Customer Experience Management

Managing customer experience is an essential part of the customer-focused strategy because it exemplifies genuine concern for the needs of your customers. You should monitor any time a customer or potential customer comes in contact with your brand–before, during and after they make a purchase so you can improve their customer journey. New customers mainly want assurance of their recent purchase. If additional value isn’t added to their customer journey over time, they may lose interest and take their business elsewhere.


The Customer Journey  

In order to create a great customer experience, you must understand the entire journey of your customer. By mapping out your customer journey, you will be better able to understand each of your customer touchpoints. Then, you can focus on how to make every step a positive and memorable experience for them.

For example, what if a customer wants to return a product. Do you make it difficult or easy for them? A memorable customer experience at this touchpoint would be to include a return shipping label or package for customer returns like those from clothing and shoe subscription companies. They send clothes and shoes for purchase, but if the customer doesn’t want them, they can easily be returned because these companies enclose a labeled return package with every shipment. When there is a return, all the customer has to do is put the clothes in the return package and drop it off at the post office, no postage necessary.

The Online Customer Experience

More businesses than ever before are concerned with their online presence.  It's becoming increasingly important to build relationships through digital channels. Businesses that don't have brick-and-mortar locations need to rethink touchpoints in their online customer journeys to build brand loyalty. What kind of digital customer experience have you created online or through a mobile app? Here are some things you need to consider:

The Mobile Customer Experience

If you're online, customers with smart devices can find your company anywhere there's cellular or Wi-Fi service. It is your responsibility to make sure your customer’s experience on these devices are comparable to those using desktop computers.

This means your website should have a comprehensive, well-functioning app. If it doesn't, your site should be responsive and have a user-friendly cross-device. There's nothing more disappointing than a company that has an amazing website on desktop, but their mobile display is cut-off and/or unresponsive. Also, your app or mobile site should be equally as effective as your desktop version. Customers should be able to accomplish the same tasks on any device they choose.



It doesn't matter how great your product or service is if your customers can't navigate around your website well enough to make a purchase. Websites and apps should be user-friendly with concise directions for your customer.

Run usability tests on your website or app before production so you can create a website design that's basically idiot-proof. This kind of testing evaluates how easy your website or app is to navigate and make a purchase. Customers will want to spend more time on your website which will tempt them to spend more money.


Once memorable experiences for your customers are created, evaluate your success. Build a community so you can get feedback. Staying in contact with your target audience will make it easier for you to create even more memorable customer experiences.

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