You CAN Become a Woman Entrepreneur
All Work and No Pay

I remember my retired mother telling me about a sign in her office back in the day that read, “Do you want to talk to the man in charge or the woman who knows what’s going on?” That was over forty years ago and not too much has changed. Women are still overworked, underpaid and undervalued, but what’s a girl to do? She needs her job, right? So, she puts up with unfair treatment, bad working conditions, low-pay and disrespect while sometimes doing the work of two or three employees only to get even more work piled on because she is afraid to speak up for herself.

Unbeknownst to her, sometimes supervisors and managers get hefty bonuses from taking credit for her work and others like her. Meanwhile, CEO’s and owners pocket millions or even billions. They are buying luxury cars but she takes public transportation. They live in fine homes but she is one paycheck from losing her apartment and being homeless. Of course, that’s not the case for all businesses and companies. I acknowledge that there are many smaller businesses that can hardly make payroll and they are doing the best they can. I’m not talking about them.

Forced to Choose

The workforce as a whole is not designed for women to succeed. Often, they are forced to choose between their job or family. When the pandemic came, some were fortunate enough to work from home, but many quit or were laid off in large numbers from industries like food service, leisure, hospitality and retail. As the pandemic progressed, extreme burnout caused essential workers like nurses and teachers, who were mostly women, to leave their jobs as well. Some looked for new careers with better pay or increased flexibility due to lack of childcare while others left the workforce altogether never to return. Now a lot of businesses, companies and institutions are trying to figure out how to get these invaluable women back and keep them; however, in many cases, mindsets have changed. These women are learning their worth. They are not willing to accept unfair treatment, bad working conditions, low pay and disrespect once tolerated.  

Time for Other Options

It's time for these women to take risks and explore other options. Currently, 80% of single parent households are headed by women. Only 34% have college degrees and even that’s no guarantee of earning potential. Women still on the average earn 83 cents for every dollar that a man earns. Some women work multiple jobs, but their children still grow up in poverty or lack and most importantly, don’t have access to their mother.

It shouldn’t be surprising that more women, especially women of color, are exploring entrepreneurship as a way to build their careers and possibly wealth. Simply put, these women are seeking more income and flexible schedules so their families can thrive. 

Women Entrepreneurship

Between 2007 and 2019, women started businesses at 5 times the national average. Women-owned businesses generated $1.6 trillion in revenue each year despite many obstacles like insufficient funding. Since the pandemic, more businesses have been started by women than by men. Women are also more likely to own their businesses rather than investing in an existing one.

Women with entrepreneurial spirits have always found ways to exist in the economy. Our female ancestors earned income as seamstresses, hat makers, spinners, weavers, knitters, quilters, housekeepers, etc. I believe everyone has a potential “money-maker" that can be turned into a legitimate business and marketed.

Use What You’ve Got

Just like our ancestors before us, we have to use what we’ve got to get what we want. There’s probably a talent, ability or skill that you haven't even discovered yet. While you are struggling to make ends meet, you may be sitting on a “gold mine!”

If you were rich and never had to work again, what would you do with your time even without pay? The answer to that question will most likely reveal your gift, passion, natural ability, talent, interest, etc. Yet, why aren't you doing anything productive with it? Don't say that you don't have enough time!


Don’t Spend Time, Invest It

Do you spend time or invest it? There are 168 hours in a week. If you spent:

  • 56 hours sleeping
  • 40 hours at work
  • 42 hours eating, commuting, family time, church, television etc.

That's only 138 hours which leaves 30 unproductive hours unaccounted for. What if you invested those remaining hours in utilizing digital resources to build your business?

You could:

  • Read relevant guides, blogs or books
  • Take courses
  • Get business coaching
  • Listen to business or industry related podcasts
  • Do extensive industry or marketing research
  • Build your personal brand on social media
  • Lay the foundation for your business
  • Discover who your ideal customer or client is
  • Find your niche market




Don't Let Anybody Tell You What You Can't Do!

YES, You Can...

  • Start your own business
  • Turn your dreams into reality
  • Turn your talents into profit
  • Get paid what you're worth
  • Make a living and have a life!


Pinnacle Digital Academy is a catalyst for changing mindsets from that of an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset. It is our hope that Women Entrepreneurs of today will make our female ancestors proud by attaining financial freedom instead of being enslaved to jobs that only make other people rich. We are here to help you develop and grow as an entrepreneur. Our digital resources were designed with you in mind. They're the basic tools you need to start and build your business.  Every eBook guide and coaching session is from a business standpoint that's very relatable. You won’t have to sift through long, drawn out materials hoping to find what you really need. We cut out all of the fluff by simplifying the complicated and making readily accessible information many don't even know how to search for. Time can be more valuable than money, so we won't waste yours. Our goal is your success.