Our coaching services help you step up your game or change it entirely. Founder Barbara Elizabeth is a Women's Entrepreneurship Coach certified by Cornell University and Transformation Academy with additional certifications in Content Marketing, Behavioral Economics, Neuromarketing, and Business Model Innovation. If you’re ready to do the work, she will encourage, inspire and educate you in three key areas of focus, Customer Experience, Social Media Planning, and Competitor Analysis.
 "Sometimes I have to tell you what you don't want to hear and show you what you don't want to see so you can make your business all it can be. Please don't take it personal; I want you to reach the pinnacle of success. Let’s do this!"
— Barbara Elizabeth
Here at Pinnacle Digital Academy, we devised a unique way of Coaching that can fit any schedule. Not everyone can commit to hour-long coaching calls. Besides, unless they are note takers, most of the details will be forgotten.
Our Coaching Services are entirely virtual so you can go at your own pace. Each one includes a Video & PDF with communication available through Chat in your Client Portal.
Each Coaching Service requires a thorough analysis of your business and top competitors in your niche. This will take 4-6 weeks to complete.
A social media plan is the blueprint for what you want to achieve on social media and how it fits in with your overall marketing strategy. We create for your business a customized social media plan that identifies your target audience, social networks you should join and the type of content you should develop and share. With a plan in place, you can modify your content, evaluate follower engagement and start building deeper, more meaningful relationships with your audience.
Checking out a competitor’s social media and website on your own is a good way to see what they are up to, but a thorough analysis of your competition will help you gain insight into their products, sales and marketing tactics. We research your main competitors to learn what works for them, identify potential opportunities and then coach you on how to implement stronger business strategies that will give your business a competitive edge in the market.
Your customers should feel valued the moment they contact your business and throughout the business relationship. Bad customer service is one of my pet peeves and should be yours as well. Over 90 % of unhappy customers do not return.  These customers tell as many as 20 of their closest friends about their bad experience. Then, the kiss of death is when they write bad reviews which will most likely hurt sales.
Our Customer Service Analysis examines your procedures as well as customer reviews, comments and emails to determine ways you can improve the customer experience. In addition, we will help you create customized emails, social media content and phone scripts so you can provide the experience your customer wants.