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10 Steps to Exceptional Customer Service (Quick Guide)

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This e-Book Quick Guide will help you give your customers a satisfying customer experience that will keep them coming back for more. Bad customer service is one of my pet peeves. Whether I’m getting coffee or purchasing a car, customer service is important to me. I want to feel valued as a customer and that my business is appreciated. At the very least, I should be greeted and thanked once a transaction is made.

Why should you care? When a customer is unhappy, there is over a 90% chance they will never do business with you again. Then, these dissatisfied customers tell nine to as many as twenty people about their experience in personal conversations. Also, they are more apt to write a bad review. Great customer reviews can boost sales, bad reviews can hurt them.


We share tips like:

  • Why you should listen to your customers
  • How to not argue with your customers
  • What to focus on when building customer relationships

And more .....

• 33 Pages

• 10 Worksheets