Ponder & Plan

Ponder & Plan

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You've been trying to come up with ideas regarding your new business, but you have found yourself stuck.

Sometimes, all you need is a new pair of eyes looking at your problem. With our Ponder & Plan coaching session, we evaluate your situation and come up with creative ideas that may propel you to the next level or at least get your thought processes going again.

You will get unique suggestions that are customized and compatible with your business aesthetic. We don't want you to just sell products and services that meet customer needs. Our goal is for you to offer experiences that are a pleasure for customers to buy and consume.


How it works:

1. Complete your purchase on our website.

2. Once your payment is processed, a link to your client portal will be sent to the email on file (typically within a few hours).

3. After logging into your client portal, you will see a welcome message, what to expect, & an intake form. Please answer the questions as detailed as possible.

Turnaround time: 5-7 Business Days.

Looking forward to working with you!