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Not Everybody Is Your Customer

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When it comes to customers, this e-Book will point you in the right direction. Don’t be like me; I used to waste a lot of time and money on random advertising. It was like standing on top of a building and throwing a bunch of fliers in the air not knowing where they would land. It was obvious that most people ignored them and that hurt my feelings until the realization came that not everyone was interested in my products.

Targeted advertising is the best way to get desired results. Once I discovered who my target audience was, I knew who to market to. You need to find your ideal audience as well. Someone is looking for what you have to offer. With a proper campaign aimed at the right people, you can reach a lot of potential customers and save money in the process. Once you get customers, keep in mind that it’s cheaper to keep them than get new customers, so make customer care a priority.


Topics include:

  • Understanding your customers
  • The difference between target market, target customer and target audience
  • Importance of customer care
  • How to keep customers

• 28 Pages

• 7 Worksheets


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